Champion Flyers Aircraft Services

A&P & IA services for general aviation aircraft

We provide complete maintenance and repair services for all brands of light airplanes, whether production (Cessna, Piper, Beech, Cirrus, Mooney, etc.) or experimental.  We also provide off-site service in the region when you cannot bring the airplane to us.  

Airframe and powerplant service for light sport aircraft

We have the special training and credentials required to work on Light Sport Aircraft.  (That's right - a regular A&P mechanic's license is not enough to legally work on these "simple" airplanes.)  Our regular customers include owners of Tanarg, Sting Sport, Flight Design, Premier and Cessna Skycatcher aircraft.  Of course, we also service Cubs, Champs, Ercoupes and other classics that can be operated as light sport airplanes.

Authorized Rotax repair centre

We are the Rotax factory-authorized independent repair center for Alabama and the Florida panhandle.  We service all Rotax 4-stroke and 2-stroke engines used in aviation.

Lycoming and Continental Engine Service

Our mechanics have completed the factory training courses for both Lycoming and Teledyne-Continental engines.  We are a TCM Topcare maintenance facility.

Available maintenance programs

Champion Flyers works with owners to maintain the airworthiness of their aircraft, and to do so in a way that meets their individual needs.  Some enjoy the hands on approach to maintenance, performing much of their own preventive maintenance, and perhaps even assisting with inspections and repairs.  Others simply want to maximize the availability of their aircraft, and their flying time, while leaving the maintenance to the professionals.  We are happy to work with you whether you are hands off, hands on, or somewhere in between.

We have a variety of approaches to help keep you in the air, ranging from the simple "come in when you need us" approach to proactive managed maintenance programs. The options are described below.

Scheduled Services

Our basic package sees to your airplane's regularly scheduled maintenance needs.  The 'annual' is probably the most recognized scheduled service item, because it isn't based on usage, but on the calendar year as established by FAA Part 91.409.  Other maintenance items, such as oil changes and compliance with recurring Airworthiness Directives, can be scheduled by either aircraft usage (tach time) or calendar time, or both.  Commercial operation entails additional scheduled maintenace and inspections.  In all cases, our scheduled services program will keep your airplane "in license" and airworthy.

Managed Service Program

Our premiere package helps aircraft owners to better plan and budget maintenance requirements.  Using an annual inspection as a baseline, we develop a custom plan based on your aircraft type, time in service, maintenance history, and your schedule and and budget priorities.  This proactive approach to maintenance maximizes aircraft availability and minimizes unscheduled "down time".  It is the best program for aircraft based at or in the vicinity of the Shelby County, Alabama Airport (KEET), and is strongly recommended for commercial operators, and those who rely on their personal aircraft for business use.

Unscheduled Service

Airplanes, like any machine, are subject to unexpected problems.  Occasionally, a "gremlin" will pop up and must be dealt with.  Our professional team will tackle any unexpected problem and get you back in the air as quickly as possible.  Just contact us in the manner most convenient for you tell us you are inbound.

Pre-Buy Inspections

An independent and thorough "pre-buy" inspection is a must when purchaing a used aircraft.  We help you look beyond the paint, upholstery and avionics stack to determine the underlying condition and airworthiness of an intended purchase.  When you get serious about a specific airplane, contact us to arrange a pre-buy inspection.

Off-site Services

Unlike modern physicians, we will make housecalls.  If you cannot bring the airplane to our shop, as sometimes happens with unscheduled service or pre-buy inspections, we can come to the airplane.


Whatever airplane you fly - Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft, Mooney, Grumman, other brand, experimental or light sport - whether Continental, Lycoming, Rotax or Jabiru powered - we provide the best quality service at prices that will maximize your time enjoying the freedom of flight!  Contact us today to become a Champion Flyer.

Complete A&P and IA services for General Aviation Airplanes Airframe and Powerplant Maintenance and Repairs for Light Sport Aircraft Authorized ROTAX repair center

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